TRANSFORMATION FESTIVALS is an organizing circumstance of one or more days bringing together artists, musicians, spiritual healers, trauma survivors and therapists to focus on transformational powers, scientific

and spiritual insights and personal experiences to share strategies and testify to the human spirit’s ability to heal.  The message and motto of the Festival is “Leave Victimhood Behind."

Created by Danish vocalist Lotte Arnsbjerg and American composer Carman Moore, the first Festival took place in Copenhagen, Denmark in June of 2016.

Carman and Lotte’s multi-media performance GIRL OF DIAMOND MOUNTAIN was the catalyst for the idea, whose elements all feature triumphing over victimhood. 

Transformation Festival invites everyone who wants to share the power of the transformation from being a victim to reunite with the true, unlimited power within.

a journey from

darkness to light

The premiere Transformation Festival which took place in Copenhagen 2016 showed itself to be even more powerful and pertinent than we had hoped for.

We thank everyone who participated with energy, curiosity, moving stories of transformation, music, performance and art.

Transformation Festival is a growing tree. We wish to create a yearly event of transformation that will move every person who experiences it - regardless of ancestry, gender or history. 

Our vision is to build a world-wide sustainable event in one or two big cities every year. 



Lotte Arnsbjerg
Carman More