a journey from

darkness to light

The premiere Transformation Festival which took place in Copenhagen 2016 showed itself to be even more powerful and pertinent than we had hoped for.

We thank everyone who participated with energy, curiosity, moving stories of transformation, music, performance and art.

Transformation Festival is a growing tree. We wish to create a yearly event of transformation that will move every person who experiences it - regardless of ancestry, gender or history. 

Our vision is to build a world-wide sustainable event in one or two big cities every year. 



 transformation festival  Team CONTACT

Lotte Arnsbjerg (DK)

Founder, Artistic director,

Organizer, Website.

(+45) 26173045

Carman Moore (NYC)

Founder, Artistic director, Organizer.

(+001) 646-226-0810


Mikkel Arnfred, (DK)


(+45) 20464799

Mingo Schmøde (DK)

Graphics and website

+45 22949000

Tone Anker Nielsen (DK)

Communication, website, research, 

festival programme coordinator

(+45) 61381449



Karen Nørskov (DK)

Dialogical integration expert

(+45) 60662855

Daphne Dahlin (DK)

Sponsor and gifts coordinator

(+45) 41440321

Olaf Gerlach-Hansen (DK)

Festival supervisor

(+45) 23608500

Merete Monberg (DK)

Fundraising - sociale fonde

(+45) 30281388


Zachary Tomlinson (NYC)

Artistic Partner

Executive&Artistic Director

At Center at West Park

(+1) 212 997 4490

Bina Hjorth (DK)


(+45) 26122760

Hannah Haansbæk Rasmussen (DK)

Communication, network, community

(+45) 2624494845) 26122760

Malene Andreasen (DK)

Research and network coordinator 

(specialize in transgender)

(+45) 20911165