Aug 30 - September 7th

We are currently planning the program for the next Copenhagen event.

We are aiming for a mind blowing programme which will be spread out in some of the most spectacular venues of the city.


We are announcing the artists and speakers here as they are comMiTting to The transformation Festival program 



Nana Jacobi - Transformation Festival Composer


Jesper Lohmann - actor, singer

Moussa Diallo - composer, singer, musician

Jonas Siepmann - pianist, composer

Carman Moore - composer, conductor, musician, festival Co-founder.

Lotte Arnsbjerg (DK)

Mikkel Nordsø (DK)

When The Man Comes around -

Johnny Cash Band (DK)



Human Library

Ireneusz Solarek (Poland)


Embracing the Root (DK&US)


D-Factor - forum theatre performance group

Girl Of Diamond Mountain (DK&US)

Rasmus Braun, actor (DK)

Malene Andreasen (DK)

Litterature & Readings 

Bodil Jørgensen, actress - reads from "Har døden taget noget fra dig så giv det tilbage" af

Naja Marie Aidt

Lectures, Talks and Debates

Tarek Hussein, Danish debater and author of Danish-Palestinian background.

Catharine Omanyo (Kenya) - On life education 


Pradeep Vijay Kumar (India) - On meditation  

Jacob Holdt (DK) - photographer, boardmember - 

American Pictures

Hanne Slot Thing (DK) - On consciousness

Lindy Wafula (Kenya) - On choosing the positive side

Jonathan Stancato (US) /

"Finding your inside voice"

Lisbeth Grundt Larsen (DK) - on therapy and transformation

Emma Nielsen (DK) - on drugs and overdosis

Katja Heilmann (DK) on overcoming sexual abuse

Karin Dyhr (DK - on bordeline 

Organisation TRACKS /by Bolette Westerholdt (DK) - on Survival from sexual abuse

Organisation Out of Violence  /by Lone Keller   - on survival from domestic violence (DK)

Organisation Young without bullying  /by Lene Temple 

- on bullying (DK)

Organisation Misbrugportalen  /by Pernille Taulund - on addiction (DK)

Organisation Young without bullying / by Inge Temple (DK)

Organisation Sex and society (DK)

Organisation The ODC organisation (DK)

Organisation The ALKO line (DK)

Organisation Life without bullying / By Lars Ringholm (DK)

Organisation Open Taboo (DK)

Organisation Girls Society (DK)

Organisation Psykologic House of Children and youngsters (DK)

Organisation Danner (DK)

Organisation The youngsters choir



Oana Constantineanu (DK) - video art


Litterature & Poetry:

Maiken Estrup Abildgaard (DK) - photo and writings


Pradeep Vijay Kumar - How to meditate

Hanne Slot Thing - To reclaim your self 


Jonathan Stancato (US) - Sing a secret

Jonathan Stancato - Breath tripping experience