Festival Founder, organiser, performer

Lotte is performing with Girl of diamond Mountain and Mongotube. 

Lotte is an educated actress and has performed in more than 80 theater, tv and feature film productions. Since the year of 2000 she has been performing as a vocalist and singer in many different constellations at home and abroad. Lotte had her debut as a playwright in 2006 and as a theater director in 2015. She writes, sings, performs, teaches and has her own company which developed the Trueformance Method, a teaching that offers personal guidance, advice and practical performance training for leaders and other professionals. In co-labboration with New York composer Carman Moore Lotte founded the Transformation Festival in the year of 2016. Lotte's passion for humans and the relief of pain through consciousness has become a strong and persistent core in virtually all projects she creates.


Carman Moore

Festival Founder, composer, musician

Carman is performing as keyboard artist with Girl of Diamond Mountain and delivers improvised creations in many other constellations during the festival. 

CARMAN MOORE is a major NYC composer, musician, librettist, critic and conductor. He earned his Bachelor of Music Degree at Ohio State University and his Masters Degree at Juilliard.  His teachers were Hall Overton, Luciano Berio, and Vincent Persichetti.

Among his works have been creations for the N.Y. Philharmonic, the San Francisco Symphony, the American Symphony Orchestra, The Cleveland Orchestra, The Orchestra of the Sorbonne, the U.N.University for Peace and the Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica, and he has received commissions from the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, the Ballet Company of La Scala and from many others.  In 1980 Carman founded the innovative electro-acoustic SKYMUSIC ENSEMBLE, which for many years were Artists-in-Residence at St. John the Divine Cathedral (NYC) and for which Moore acts as conductor and principal composer. 


When Lotte Arnsbjerg and Carman Moore met in 2005, the fruitful cooperation that led to the performance Girl Of Diamond Mountain began.  The performance has been touring in Denmark and USA / Hawaii) ever since, and is presented in the festival. 

 As for Lotte the movement towards love, healing and consciousness through music and art, is at the core of all Carman Moore´s creations.


Mathilde Falch

Singer Songwriter

Mathilde Falch is a Danish singer and songwriter. She has released three albums and an EP. At age 16, Mathilde developed an eating disorder that was so serious that she was hospitalized for six months. Having been released from the hospital, she moved into her own apartment in Vordingborg with her guitar and her keyboard. Filled with a new life, she began to share her feelings and thoughts in songs that tell the truth. Mathilde Falch moved to Copenhagen, where she collected a band around herself and started to book concerts at small cafes - mostly in the Greater Copenhagen area. At the same time as music fills more and more of her life, she works as a credit card seller and at a recycling station to save money allowing her to go to the studio and record. Mathilde Falch is now a well-known singer, with a great voice and a strong will to share her story and transformation with others. She is very busy with concerts with her actual band and what she calls Report Concerts - A series of solo concerts, where Mathilde Falch tells about her victory over the eating disorder that had previously influenced her life. We are very proud to present both her story and her music at Transformation Festival. A very strong and delicate cocktail!


Nana Jacobi

singer, songwriter and film composer.

Nana Jacobi creates melodic, cinematic and dynamic popsongs, and is now working on an album with Danish songs. The musical field of atmospheric, electronic landscapes is close to artists like Lykke Li, Björk, Aurora, Oh Land and Lorde.


Nana is one of the founders of the concert concept HUN SOLO, that curates female artists, and she played a great concert with HUN SOLO at this year’s Roskilde Festival. They also played at SPOT Festival, Folkemødet, SmukFest and Ofelia Live. Nana has a reputation for creating fascinating and intense live performances, and received several great reviews on her concerts at HUN SOLO’s spring tour 2017: 


”Her warm, storytelling voice, kept the listener spellbound with excitement (…) It was impressive 


”Big, dark waves of synth and her performance was generally an electronic pleasure”

 (Lyd I Odense)


”Dressed in red outfit and black hat, she forced strong machine-like rythms out of her setup and several octaves out of her great sounding voice”. (GAFFA)



Nanas latest album EXPANDER (2015), contained the radiosingles ”I Put My Foot Down” and ”Dare The Joy”, and received great reviews from the press in and outside of Denmark: 


Politiken: "A brave voice (...) An inspirered outsider close to mainstream"  


Nordic Music Review: "With outstanding vocals, and some well written tracks, Nana Jacobis ‘Expander’ has been a real delight to have on our playlist in the last week (...) The 6 minute cover of Nick Caves 'Into My Arms' is simply fantastic"


Take A Shot Magazine (Es): "Nana has perfected a sound of cinematic, sensual and dark 

composition that very few have done before"


Influence (F): "No matter what, you won't be able to resist the charme of the danish Nana".



Nana Jacobi is also one of the strong voices in Denmark, when it comes to the debate about the lack of women in the music industry. 


Nana has released three albums and an EP, and her cinematic music is often used in soundtracks. She is also the voice behind the great hit ‘Open Sky’, from the film ‘En Kort En Lang’ by Hella Joof.


Malene Lauritsen

author, speaker

Malene was the girl of the first major insert case that was brought to court in Denmark. Malene was abused daily by her psychopathic father for 7 years. The case was run with full media coverage in 2006 and was the direct reason for the government to remove the statute of limitations, which could otherwise forgive cases once the victim reached 28 of age. 

Today, Malene is 33 of age, has a well-functioning family life with a husband and four children and is a successful entrepreneur in furniture sales. In her book “Letter for Mother” Malene tells the story of her childhood, about her relationship with the family, and how she got the power to make a lawsuit against her father, who used her and raped her more than 1500 times. Malene knew early on that the psychiatric system was not helping her, but only pulling her down. To be healed she knew that she would have to go her own way. Through hard work, she escaped from the destructive patterns of the family and managed to succeed with her career, as well as seeking the glamor of a family life. 


The book "Letter for Mother" tells her story without any mercy, but at Transformation Festival we will experience a beautiful and super loving woman, who is sharing her victorious journey from being a victim of domestic sexual abuse and rising from the state of suicidal thinking - all the way up - to her true inner self of light and love.Malene is a living example of universal forgiveness and how leaving victimhood behind changes every past pain and fear into the present presence of true miracles. 



Mikkel Nordsø

guitarist, composer.

MIKKEL NORDSØ is an autodidact (almost!) guitarist, but never-the-less Mikkel has been one of the most well-known and appreciated Danish guitarists that most Danes remember. At the age of 11, he studied flamenco guitar at Christian Sievert. At 15 years old, he became a member of Palle Mikkelborgs project V8, and of the pioneering Latin/funk group Buki-Yamaz. As an instrumental front person in Sneakers and Anima (1980-85) he added rock guitar playing, new dimensions in DK. Starting Mikkel Nordsø Band in 1985 

he created a platform for composing, which can be heard on Mikkel Nordsø bands 7 albums. On the 3 albums with Acoustic Guitars, 2 albums with Bombay Hotel and 1 album with Timewave he contributes as a composer, as well as developing his skills on the acoustic guitar. Again as the main composer he released in 2008 the DUO album 

with Tine Rehling (harp), the Blue Lotus album (2009), his solo album Five Steps 2 Seven (featuring Terri Lyne Carrington) (2010), Blue Lotus album, Seven Continents (2014), with Tine Rehling and Ole Theill and his latest album with Mikkel Nordsø Band, Diving In Space For 3 Decades (2015) featuring David Sanborn and Palle Mikkelborg.

 Mikkel Nordsø has recorded/performed with an endless number of renowned artists in DK and abroad, has toured in Scandinavia, Europe, Greenland, Faro Islands, USA, Canada, Brasil, Mexico, Guatemala, Indonesia, Marokko, South Africa, Ghana, Mali , South Korea, India and Thailand.


At the Transformation Festival Mikkel Nordsø is performing with MONGOTUBE, his solo project and in the supreme duo NORDSØTHEIL (in great company of Tabla drummer Ole Theil).


Jacob Holdt

Lecturer, Photographer

Jacob Holdt is known world-wide for his legendary philosophic and photographic creation American Pictures. The work represents a real thread through all of Jacob´s work and has also proved to be the center of his great and important life work. 

Besides being a photographer, Jacob is a very brilliant and highly-sought after lecturer. 

At Transformation Festival Jacob will give his lecture “About saying YES”, which is a thoughtful and powerful lecture about creating compassionate communities instead of actions and lifestyles of fear and anti-peace. 


And he will introduce and show a shortened version of his incredible and highly-relevant American Pictures.


Jacob still travels around the Denmark, the US and Europe - trying to spread the message of humanity, kindness, and forgiveness.

Jacob Holdt went to Esbjerg State School, but was thrown out in 2nd. He was a member of Conservative Youth. Holdt did military service at the Royal Livgarde but was also thrown out there. After Livgarden he went to Krogerup Højskole, where among his teachers were Ole Wivel and Erik Knudsen. Erik Knudsen's poetry collection The flower and the Sword were among the few possessions he carried around with when he later vagabonded in the United States.


Claus Damgaard

Actor, lecturer, philosopher

Claus Damgaard is a Kierkegaard-inspired paradox-promoter. Since 2001 he has been full-time-exploring the authorship of Søren Kierkegaard: How it might be applied to actual everyday living and how to share his paradoxical ideas with others in new artistic forms . Academically he has been employed as an “artistic guest-professor” at Aarhus University and as a “research-fellow” at the The Hong Kierkegaard Library, St. Olaf College, USA. Originally he was trained as an actor at the London Academy of music and Dramatic Art and has studied psychology and medicin at Aarhus University.


At Transformation Festival Claus Damgaard will present a staged talk which he calls


BECOME – an anti-talk by Claus Damgaard


“In Kierkegaards writing nothing is constant!” – Claus Damgaard moans – “except the movements! “– he adds – “All the way trough Kierkegaards authorship it is the very same movements he is seducing, provoking and inspiring me to explore for my self.”


“This staged talk will give you an experience of these movements.” – Claus Damgaard claims.


Lisbeth Zornig

Lecturer, writer, speaker, facilitor

Lisbeth Malene Zornig Andersen is a Danish economist, author, former chairman of the Children's Council and debater with focus on vulnerable people. Lisbeth Zornig Andersen became famous in the documentary My childhood in hell, where she confronted her stepfather and her mother with her childhood full of failure and sexual assault in the wake of the autobiography Zornig - anger is my middle name.



In Transformation Festival Lisbeth Zornig and Mikael R. Lindholm will step into the field of dramatic reading.


Directed by danish theater director Malte Claudio Lind and accompanied by musician Torben Egeris Lisbet and Mikael take on a magnetic mood, and read an extract from their new novel ARKIMEDES



"Arkimedes" is a raw thrill novel by Lisbeth Zornig and Mikael Lindholm. The book follows Malene, a career woman in a hurry who is suffering from a past with violence, abuse and failure.


When Malene is accused of murder, it becomes clear that someone is looking after her. She soon finds out who wants to live. The new knowledge will force her to return to a network she thought she had left. Malene's ex-boyfriend starts his own investigation and becomes wrapped in secrets and a fearsome plot.


"Arkimedes" is an independent follow-up to the couple's debut novel, Bundfald.


MONGOTUBE - The preachers book

Music performance

emerged in 2011 as a collaboration between composer, producer and keyboardist Torben Egeris and songwriter and singer Lotte Arnsbjerg.


The collaboration resulted in the album 432 (2013).

After these recordings Ayi Solomon became a permanent member of Mongotube.


During spring 2015 Mikkel Nordsoe joined the orchestra as the permanent guitarist. 

Songs are always written in collaboration between Egeris and Arnsbjerg.


The music is based on an electronic foundation blended with a vibrant, acoustic universe. The compositions are hyper through-worked delights that range from simple to grand, and bring attention to such well-known names as Kate Bush, Goldfrapp and Danish Savage Rose.


The lyrics are evocative and poetic narratives with a hidden power, that invite the audience into a heartfelt area, where the body takes over the mind, bringing up the sense of cohesion.  


Mikael Lindholm

Author, Lecture

As a consultant and former journalist and editor, Mikael R. Lindholm has consistently focused on topics such as growth, innovation and business development conditions.

As Director of Innovation Inside Development Inside, he has driven the development of a European standard for innovation management and initiated the development of tools and projects that strengthen the ability to develop an innovative workplace. Among other things, he launched in 2009 in collaboration with DTU and Berlingske competition Innovation Champion, focusing on team-driven innovation. He advises both companies and public institutions on innovation.


In Transformation Festival Mikael R. Lindholm will step into the field of dramatic reading in company of his co-writer and Wife Lisbeth Zornig.


Directed by danish theater director Malte Claudio Lind and accompanied by musician Torben Egeris Lisbet and Mikael take on a magnetic mood, and read an extract from their new novel ARKIMEDES



"Arkimedes" is a raw thrill novel by Lisbeth Zornig and Mikael Lindholm. The book follows Malene, a career woman in a hurry who is suffering from a past with violence, abuse and failure.


When Malene is accused of murder, it becomes clear that someone is looking after her. She soon finds out who wants to live. The new knowledge will force her to return to a network she thought she had left. Malene's ex-boyfriend starts his own investigation and becomes wrapped in secrets and a fearsome plot.


"Arkimedes" is an independent follow-up to the couple's debut novel, Bundfald.


Bent Raymond

philosopher of science & history

Bent Raymond is a well known philosopher of science & history of economies.

He is working in many fields of science and philosophy and has been a natural at Niels Bohr institute for many years. 


At Transformation Festival Bent will give an academic presentation about SCIENTIFIC VISIONS OF OUR WONDERFUL WORLD


Who? Where? What? Important words connected to the essential questions: Who are you in the deepest sense of the words? A maschine made in man's image - or much more, yes a true micacles of Nature itself? Where are you? In a wonderful world, but where did it came from - from nothing? You can have many wild dream in physics, but what is the truth? Here we are looking at both realistic, rationalistic and romantic suggestions and answers to the classic questions.


Line Knutzon


Line Knutzon is a dramatist and her stories thematizes existential and political topics. Line’s works amount to  more than 30 plays for radio, theater and television. She is considered to be one of the most original Danish dramatists in recent times and is very popular with her audiences. Line delivers a peculiar poetry which, mixed with first of all hilarious humor, - and then a furious dignity and sarcasm against bourgeois stupidity and authorities’ inhumane ways, always lands in the softest, innermost and deeply naive humanity, that can provoke nothing but sweet laughter and surrender to the fact that above all, people are seeking for love.


Line contributes to the Transformation Festival with a talk about love's all-embracing power and will speak into the heart of the festival.


Anja Nielsen


Anja Nielsen is a copenhagen-based 33-year-old actress and creative. Together with actress Anne-Sofie Krogh Jensen, Anja established the theatre group TEATER HVIS in 2014. In 2015 they had their debut at Bådteatret in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, with the play ”Jeg gav dig avisen” and in 2016 their play ”VOKS” was featured as a guest perfomance at Bådteatret. – A theatre, a stage is where transformation takes place every minute in a way that touches me deeply and that I hardly comprehend. If you dare entering there, it may even change your life. Starting to feel the passion and the love I have always carried inside for performing arts and for giving expression to human emotions began my personal transformation. In fact an improvization class is one of my crucial points in life that I will never forget and that I treasure deeply. Anja also has a Master of Science in Information Technoly and corporate visual identity and works as digital editor.


Moussa Diallo


Moussa has been playing music since he was a kid. 

The bass became his precious and magical tool. 

​Born in Paris and growing up in Mali, Moussa developed a big passion for the magical wonders of life, and music became his number one tool to express this love. In 1973 he moved to Denmark and very fast established his name as an exceptional musical talent, with a special ability to spread infectious joy and vibration of well-being. 

​Moussa is appreciated as a bassist and won the 2006 Ken Gudman Award. In addition, he received the National Prize in the Go Global World Music Award in 2008. He has been a permanent bassist in many of the biggest Danish bands, but throughout the recent years Moussa has been giving special attention to his own works, which  includes composing and performing in a variety of other contexts, including very popular concerts for children, and his authorship, which includes published storytelling for children.  

 Everyone that experiences Moussa Diallo on stage with his bass (and in person) will get a wonderful taste of a human kind that carries true love, true spirit and true music with his being.  At Transformation Festival we will experience Moussa in a dialogue with the subject: LOVE ABOVE ALL - and we might also get to hear (and feel) a bit of the wilderness flying off his bass.


Bent Falk


Born 1943, two year’s psychology studies on a Fulbright grant at Wittenberg and Susquehanna Universities, USA 1962-64; M.Div. from University of Aarhus, Denmark 1972; Gestalt therapeutic training at Gestalt Associates Training, Los Angeles, intermittently, 1980-98, Parish minister 1974-80; hospital chaplain 1980-92, Private practice as psychotherapist, trainer, supervisor, lecturer 1982-- ; author of several books on the subject of therapy and counselling in a phenomenological-existential perspective, one of which will appear in English on September 21st this year. Preliminary title: “Being Who You Are Where You Are”; final title yet to be decided.


Theological and psychological reflections on the presence in the absence


Love comes at a price even though it may neither be bought nor sold. One price—maybe the greatest—is sorrow. One day, either life or death will separate us from whom, we care for and the pain may be unbearable. And, I have so far not met anyone who thought the price was too high so that they would rather have not loved the person they loved and lost. Grieving is not the problem. The problem is the loss, and the grief shows us that not everything is lost.

Carsten Juul


Carsten Juul is a graduate psychologist from the Open University in Milton Keynes (2012) and the University of Copenhagen (2013) with further education in cognitive and metacognitive therapy. He has, as one of only 5 psychologists residing in Denmark, completed the 2-year MCT Institute Metacognitive certification education and and currently attend 1-year Advanced Level II Comprehensive Education at the Foundation's Founders Professor Adrian Wells at Manchester University (UK) and Professor Hans Nordahl at Trondheim University ( NO).


In addition, Carsten Juul is involved in ongoing research into the effect of meta-cognitive  treatment. Carsten is currently working closely with Pia Callesen, bestseller author of ”Live more, Think Less” and holder of CEKTOS, at Center for Cognitive and Metacognitive Therapy in Copenhagen, Næstved and Hellerup. Carsten Juul is a Chartered Psychologist in cognitive therapy and is constantly updating within the latest evidence-based approaches in all mental disorders. Consequently, the latest knowledge and research in those fields almost always include Carsten’s lectures on psychology.


At Transformation Festival Carsten Juul will give a lecture about how we can free our nerve system by letting go of painful rumination and worrying.  


Mikkel Frey Damgaard

Journalist, Author

Mikkel Frey Damgaard is a journalist and author. He has worked with investigative journalism, and for six years was News Anchor at the Danish Broadcasting Company. He has supplemented his education at Copenhagen University with studies in art history. 

 In 1986 Mikkel’s father committed suicide. In six radio programs Mikkel has told about his father’s death, and the consequences for Mikkel’s life. Mikkel himself has been very afraid to follow the path of his father. Only after more than 30 years and a lot of hard work, it has been possible for him to say good-bye to both father and fear.


At Transformation Festival Mikkel will speak about this process. 


Kenji Miura (JP)

Prize winning classical concert pianist

Kenji Miura is one of the most exciting pianists of his generation and has won critical acclaims from around the world.

At Transformation Festival we are tremendously proud to be able to present such great talent. Kenji will honour us with a talk about the transcriptions - and then play the music. In both words and music, he will point out how one work transforms at the hands of a different composer or arranger.


The programme of music will be:


The Nutcracker Suite - composed by Tchaikovsky arranged by Mikhail Pletnev


Chaconne - composed by J.S.Bach arranged by Ferruccio Busoni


More about the artist:

Kenji Miura has been invited to many prestigious venues around the world, including the Wigmore Hall in London, Konzerthaus in Berlin, Act City Hall in Japan, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room at the Southbank Centre in London and The London Steinway Hall. He gives regular performances around Japan and Germany, and has also given recitals in Paris, USA, Canada, Dubai, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden. He has collaborated with many professional artists from around the globe including the notorious Nash Ensemble from UK, Kaeko Mukoyama (Principal Cellist of the NHK Symphony Orchestra), Yasuhiro Suzuki (Solo Viola of the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra) and Keiko Urushihara.

At the age of ten he was awarded the first prize at the Rai-on Piano Competition. He was a finalist in the 2009 Franz Liszt International Piano Competition for young pianists in Weimar. In 2015, he won the Outstanding Diploma at the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition. He is also the recipient of the AAF Award, which was awarded to him by Martha Argerich and Gustav Alink. In 2017, the very 1st edition of the International Shigeru Kawai Piano Competition was held to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Kawai Instruments. More than 350 pianists from 25 countries took part and Kenji Miura was crowned the first prize winner.


Ayi Solomon


The multitalented selftaught percussionist Ayi Solomon was born and grew up in Ghana, but has for several years been living and

working in Denmark. Here he has become a much respected 

artist who has worked alongside some of the most well renowned musicians the country can muster. For instance he has played 

alongside Palle Mikkelborg, Adam Nussbaum and, for over a decade now, with Pierre Dørge in New Jungle Orchestra. 


The style of music is modern african jazz with elements of pop and funk. It is often experimental in its formal language but 

always seductive and irresistibly moving and grooving. 

Dalia Faitelson


Composer, guitarist and singer Dalia Faitelson has 11 solo albums to her credit. She recorded and toured with international icons as Randy Brecker, Adam Nussbaum, Jerry Bergonzi, Manolo Badrena, Chris Cheek, Jay Anderson among others... Her latest album was nominated by the Danish Music Award 2014, for “Best Vocal Jazz Album.”She received the Danish Grammy for Jazz in 2000 and the 2005 “Composer Of The Year Award” given by DJBFA – the Danish Composer Association. 

For the last 3 years, Dalia facilitates on a weekly basis workshops of sound meditations including voice and gongs. 

At Transformation Festival Dalia will facilitate her very popular workshop "A Journey Into Sound"

Sound and voice meditation includes both sound massage with gongs and improvised voice session, which is composed by the participants. The frequencies of the gongs cannot be predicted by the mind, so it slows the brainwaves into a meditative state and removes blocks and stuck energy.

It is a joint meeting of voices where we practice a deeper dimension of consciousness and encounter sound vibrations and energy flow, both on a personal and collective level.
Through voice meditation we experience sound that comes from within, that communicates in a completely different level than word. Not intellectually, but intuitively.Sound and voice meditation is for everyone. Being able to sing or intonate correctly is not important. 

Workshop benefits:
- Rerelease unnecessary tension. 
- Experience a high level of mental focus.
- Getting familiar with your “inner voice.”
- Allowing your self to be your self.
- Distributing positive collective energy.
- Inspiring, expressive and giving.
- Feel relieved and purified. 




Duometric Events

Music performance

Duometric Events is a collaboration between the danish guitarist John Sund and the percussionist Ayi Solomon.The music is 

adventurous, intense and excitingly eclectic combining elements of jazz, latin, flamenco, blues, funk and roots music. However, this 

listing of musical styles doesn't quite justify the experience that is Duometric Events. In the meeting of John Sund and Ayi Solomon something different happens, and it is something "different" in the most positive sense of the word.    

The music is composed as a joined effort by the two and one of the duos trademarks is their ability to create "instant music" - improvised on the spot. 

Prepare yourself for a musical feast, where different continents meet and blend seamlessly. 


Ayi Solomon will also be performing solo at Transformation Festival. 


Terje Mesel

Author, lecture

The Norwegian theologian and professor in ethics Terje Mesel, is deeply involved in somatic and psychological healthcare research at both Sorlandet Hospital ABUP and Agder University, Norway. He is also a well known lecturer.

He is the author of several books and articles that from different perspectives examines topics such as shame, guilt and responsibility in relation to the concept of professionality.


​At Transformation Festival Terje Mesel will give a lecture on his latest book "Will to be free". This book is co-authored by a victim of child sexual abuse, Viktor B, and the book explores Viktor’s 35 year long road to freedom from a long ago dead child-abuser:

..What language can convey what I have experienced? What story has room for what I have become? It has always been difficult to find words for many of my worst experiences. They were often just scary, terrible images or dreams. And fear. And shame. Can people find room for this? (Viktor B.)

Viktor B will be joining Terje on stage. 

The book shows that personal transformation, from being a child-victim of abuse to taking charge of your life, is dependent on stories or narratives that you can identify with. In that sense we are as citizens morally responsible for both creating and recognizing such liberating narratives. 

The book is not just a story of injury, loss and sorrow. It is also a story of an unbending will to be free from your own past. 



Lecture & workshop

The people from Heartfulness are dedicated to and passionate about spreading the word, of the healing and transformational 

powers of meditation. Heartfulness is all about helping you help

yourself, to live by the heart, and to grow, to face the challenges 

of life, as your true self. 

Through different mediums Heartfulness offers guided meditationthat enhances the spiritual experience. It is a facilitator of your 

meditation, a reminder of the simple but powerful implications of taking the time every day, to tune into your internal presence.    

Heartfulness is free of any commercial strings. It is a movement, 

that embrace the modern technologies and their potential to 

help you, more than it is a business.

Lennox Raphael

Poet, playwright & journalist

The poet, playwright and journalist Lennox Raphael was born in 1939 in Trinidad, West Indies. He has worked as a reporter and journalist in Jamaica and the United States. He has been a long time resident of the United States but is currently living and 

working in Copenhagen, Denmark. 


His work has generally explored subjects of racism, suppression and intercultural relationships among immigrants. He has 

explored the relationship between black West Indian immigrants and the more established African-American community in the US, pointing to a surprising lack of solidarity between the two.  


Raphaels work have been published in magazines and journals 

such as Negro Digest, American Dialog, New Black Poetry, Natural Process and Freedomways.  

At Transformation Festival Lennox Raphael will enrich us with 

his thriving and always poignant poetry and he will be part of the Gents Talk "Love Above All" led by wonderful Mrs. Fatima Osbourne.



Lecture & debate

Helle Barrowman is the chairwoman of the NGO SPOR 

(Landsforeningen for voksne med senfølger af seksuelle overgreb). She has previously done years of volunteerwork in The Support Center Against Incest (Støttecenter mod incest) and helped arrange The Day of Visibility (Synlighedsdagen). 


All this work has centered around supporting the victims of long-term damage caused by sexual abuse. The importance of 

speaking up and sharing your story is the cornerstone in the SPOR workethic. Personal stories from individuals doesn't only 

help the sharing part, but also the thousands of silent victims that might recognize themselves in these stories. Sheding light unto 

this issue, increasing visibility, is crucial in order to recognize the far to many instances of abuse still occuring today.         


Dance performance

CATHARSES is a physical, sensual and emotional exploration of various female qualities. It approaches gender as an energy, a spiritual and universal force which is totally freed from the mandatory social constructs. 


CATHARSES premiered in Wales (UK) in 2014 and has been touring internationally and across Sweden since. 


During the creation process, Aloni felt the immense need to invent a new language in order to contemplate on gender identity with a fresh perspective. On the way the word Femaleism was created. 

Femaleism is the advocacy for the female form and being. It emerges from the notion that Female is not only a gender which dictates a social status and biological properties. The Femaleism in CATHARSES challenges the limited and discriminating approach towards the female and its significance in our reality.


CATHARSES is a physical, sensual and emotional exploration of various female qualities. It approaches gender as an energy, a spiritual and universal force which is totally freed from the mandatory social constructs. We all contain female in us and are contained by the female around us, how does it suffice? 


CATHARSES is a solo piece for two performers. It is a protest of two individuals voicing the one voice of Femaleism. The performers transform into unique beings that cross the gender boundaries into a female dimension.


Choreography: Israel Aloni & Cast

Cast: Laerke Appelon & Lukasz Pzytarsky

Soundtrack: Didi Erez

Costume: Linnea Bågander

Light: Ben Cowens

Creative cast: Learke Appelon & Joszef Forro



Dance performance

Splastic is an existential and performative exploration of the beauty and power of spastic movements. It is a fight for the freedom to move in other ways than what is normally 

perceived as efficient; fast, forward and focused. It is a collaborative performance by Cath, who is a spastic and Tora Balslev from Daily Fiction. The performance is based on image work and the japanese dance of Butoh. In the synchronic 

dance, Tora transfers Caths movements to her own body, creatingan order where Cath is the central instigator. 

Daily Fiction creates performance art in the intersection between dance and theater. The works focus on transformations of the body, presence and humor. They aim to reflect the existential 

questions of today in expressions of the body. Hereby seeking to expand the experience of the human conciousness by creating a different presence with a new logic.  

Louise Alenius 


Louise has recently written the opera Silent Zone (for Cph Operafestival 2017). A chamber opera about sexual abuse in a family, and the fatal taboo between the 4 family members.

She will talk about her process and her way into the theme of the opera, and discuss artistic choices and moral challenges related to the final piece.

Hanne Frøyr

Author, psychologist

Hanne Frøyr has been a practicing psychologist since 1986, 

specialized in working with children, teenagers and families. She 

has been working out of her own private practice and has 

published several articles in medical journals. When Hannes 

daughter tragically comitted suicide in 2013, her world turned 

upside down. 


As a psychologist Hanne carried a common scepticism towards 

the supernatural, but after she established contact to her 

daughter through a psychic medium, her reservations vanished.

In 2016 she closed her private practice and has since been 

focused on writing and communicating her experiences. 

In her book About Darkness and About Light (Om mørke og om lys), Hanne is describing her personal experiences of losing her 

daughter. Her story is one that breaks taboos and challenges our 

perceptions of life and death.  

At Transformation Festival Hanne will share the story of her own path from a dark experience to a life of light and developement. 


Rasmus Pold

Film performance

The autodidact actor Rasmus Pold has been working mainly in 

film and theater as both actor and director. In 2015 he performed 

in One Man, 7 Characters (En mand, 7 karakterer), a theater-piece directed by Lotte Arnsbjerg. In this piece Rasmus Pold had to interpret seven different characters through monologue. The monologues were based on texts written by Fjodor Dostojevskij, Albert Camus, Ernst Jünger, Rainer Rilke, Herman Bang, Kim Larsen, Adam Oehlenschlager and the actor himself. 


Towards the light 



Rasmus Pold

Maria Holmenlund Styrbæk

Christian Matschofsky


Jonas Nørgaard Rasmussen

Koreograf: Marlene Bonnesen


Manuskribt: Rasmus Pold og Jonas Nørgaard Rasmussen


Herved link til youtube:


Veronica Hodges


The danish- american artist Veronica Hodges works within the 

field of fashion and installation art. In her spacious installations, 

she is able to unfold new dimensions and tell stories with a 

powerful sense of form, space and content.   

The main focus of Veronicas art is the idea of letting go. Letting 

go of your inhibitions and letting whatever is meant to happen 

manifest itself, is the almost therapeutic mantra, at the heart of

both Veronicas art and everyday life. In her work she helps her

materials and surroundings undergo the necessary 

transformations to become whatever they are meant to be. In this autonomous process she creates spaces of unique power, 

reflexion and experience.     

Veronica Hodges is a graduate of the Danish Design Academy

(Danmarks Designskole), where she studied tecstile and fashion, and did her final exam in scenography and production design.  


Girl of Diamond Mountain


Girl of Diamond Mountain is a collaborative performance by Lotte Arnsbjerg, Carman Moore and the dancer Anne-Ditte Scheibye (originally Kiori Kawai) with artistic video projections by Caterina Bertolotto. 


The 12-song performance merges music, poetry, dance and video installation into a modern day song cycle about a little girl and 

her experiences of facing betrayal and abuse. 


The performance chronicles the girl’s journey from a dark and 

lonely space into healing and reconnecting with her inner child 

and the feeling of universal love that is always within reach inside and all around us. 

Girl of Diamond Mountain came to life after a year of extremely 

fruitful improvised music sessions between Carman Moore and 

Lotte Arnsbjerg. More than 50 pieces were written and the 

unifying storyline of the Girl of Diamond Mountain emerged


The stated mission of Girl of Diamond Mountain is to employ the 

visionary clarity of the performing arts to the task of healing the scourge of child abuse, and to transform fear-based lives into 

free love-based lives. 


Juri Rao


Juri Rao grew up in a home with an alcoholic father. 


At Transformation Festival Juri will share an insight into the moods and sensual influences that are influenced by growing up in an alcoholic family - and how to get along with themselves and their "identity" as the child of an alcoholic.


The Glas Vocal Ensemble


is an award nominated vocal ensemble consisting of six female voices. GLAS was formed in 2001 when the six singers were brought together by a shared passion for Bulgarian Folk music and its bright vocal sound, lilting ornamentations, tight harmonies and uneven time signatures. Since then the ensemble and their recognizable sound has been included in a multitude of different musical settings; ranging from modern Opera, World music, experimental Rock, Pop, and new Nordic Folk music.

The particular and original sound of Vocal Ensemble Glas has enabled them to cooperate with a long line of composers, bands, theatres and artists. Among others: Afenginn, Aunleif Rasmussen, Kottos, Andrea Pellegrini, Kira Skov and Peter Peter, Line Tjørnhøj, Odin Teatret, Frans Bak, John Sund, Ragnhei?ur Grøndal, O’Hara and Jacob Groth.

In 2012 Glas developed the performance entitled ‘Wisdom of Birds’ in cooperation with director and designer Veronica Hodges. ‘Wisdom of Birds’ is constructed around Bulgarian Folk songs and has been performed in locations such as the National Museum and Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.


Mia Lund Rao


Mia Lund Rao is the principal of Brønshøj Church, Denmark 

At Transformation Festival, she will perform with spoken words in the company of musician Torben Egeris. Their performance will be an improvised mix of reading, spoken word and music. 



 "...... And if one dares to surrender to the hope you are living in life, so it lifts me and carries me over landscapes you have never seen before - you risk falling to the ground with great disappointment. 


And if you dare to trust the people you live together with - and let their lives move into you - and yours move into them, - then you risk to loose your self and go to pieces. 


Yes, it surely needs a man's courage to be able to offer the risk-willingness that the created life demands of us.


There is no system in life that allows us to count on so many souls and so and so many passages to each of us.


God-created life is pure anarchy; We risk losing.. loss after loss -

That is why we are looking for a little bit of the life that lives in us.



Tomas Lagermand Lundme


Tomas Lagermand Lundme (born 1973) works as an author, dramatist, visual artist, writer, debutor, curator and has previously been associated with Radio24syv. Lundme is educated from the Danish Gøgler School, the Authors School and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He has published 26 books, including novels, poetry collections, plays, children's books, picture books and youth novels. Lundme has written no less than 40 plays for the stage for children, adolescents and adults, often discussing the conflict between nature and culture, individual and community. In addition, Lundme has written a number of soundtracks, doctrinal dramas and crime-fiction tones for the Public Danish Radio and is a scriptwriter for a couple of short and youth films. Lundme has exhibited at home and abroad since 1990, and in recent years also worked as exhibition organizer, curator and intermediary. Tomas Lagermand Lundme has received, among other things, the Ministry of Education's Printer Award (2007), the Allen Prize (2014), has been awarded and purchased by the State Art Foundation, employment and travel agencies from the State Art Foundation, the Danish Art Council and the Cultural Agency. Awarded the State Art Foundation's three-year work scholarship by the Literature Committee, 2013-2016. Chairman of the Danish Arts Foundation's Legate Committee for Literature, 2016-2019.



Michael Søndergaard


Michael Søndergaard is a photographer and instructor and often works with symmetry and harmony. He has worked in both theater and film, including as a scenographer. In collaboration with artist Tomas Lagermand Lundme, he has recently examined what is happening in man versus how it is perceived from the outside. 

For Transformation Festival Michael Søndergaard has been creating the film HYPNOSIS in co-operation with Tomas Lagermand Lundme.



Hana Shuan & Daphne Dahlin

Transformation Wishes

Everyday at Transformation Festival we invite the audience to write down their personal wishes, thoughts, dreams and visions for transformations within and in our common world. 

These collected testimonials, poems and visionary words will be read to the gathering by actor Hana Shuan & actress Daphne Dahlin, accompanied by musicians Torben Egeris and Carman Moore. 





WHEN THE MAN COMES AROUND is a young promising three-man band that creates a unique and beautiful universe with atmospheric interpretations of Johnny Cash. With soothing vocal and moving blues guitar, they awaken the listeners' senses and invite them to immersion.



Tamara Miller


Tamara Miller is a young composer, based in Santiago de Chile. Her work has been performed and commissioned by different ensambles and theatre projects inside Chile, including "Red de Acción" and "Concierto para cuerpos de mujeres". She was recently honored with the 3rd prize in Orquesta Marga Marga IIIº Composition Contest. 


Tamara earned her Bachelor of Arts (in Composition) at Universidad de Chile. She studied under Jorge Pepi-alos, Miguel Letelier and Rafael Díaz. 


She is currently a member of  the International Society for Chilean Music (SIMUC)


"Anais Nos" is a song for voice and piano, written specially for the Transformation Festival. It is inspired on the writer Anais Nin, and the presentation held by Tamara at the Transformation Symposium, regarding the power of creation as a tool and aid to turn different kinds of distress and personal problems into light, hope or relieve. 



Dennis Christiansen


Dennis Christiansen is 24 years old and has been in prison several times. He received his latest sentence of 2 years unconditional prison for robbery, violence and detention. Today, Dennis has been released for 3 years, and at Transformation Festival he will tell about how his life evolved and what problems he had to fight as a child. He will also perform with his song "Scare Model", which he wrote with Louise Adrian who is the leader of the Danish Prison Choir.



Anne-Ditte Scheibye

singer and danc

Anne-Ditte Scheibye has danced modern dance for more than 10 years and has participated in many performances, which includes the main role of Gunilla Linds dance performance 'Color My Madonna', as well as the annual setups in Dans in Nordvest and Uppercut Dance Theater's grande cultural events.

Anne-Ditte is also a most fantastic singer. She has sung in "Universe on Vers" since 2007, the rock band Mongotube, including the project The Preachers Book, and also in the Johnny Cash trio THE MAN COMES AROUND, which delivers Cash covers in a bittersweet blend of raw country and Twin Peaks nerve.

At the Transformation Festival, Anne-Ditte Scheibye can be experienced in 3 contexts:

As the dancer in the multi media performance Girl Of Diamond Mountain.

As lead singer in the company of the equally wonderful singer Evi Arnsbjerg Brygmann in WHEN THE MAN COMES AROUND

And as choir in the music and drama performance The Preacher's Book in association with the band Mongotube.



Tommy Kenter


Tommy Kenter has an incredible repertoire, and does all sorts of characters, from his goofy character Keld to his hard-of-hearing and very eccentric Fru Kristoff. Although preferably a comedy actor, he showed that he could do serious bits as well with Lad isbjørnene danse (1990). With Per Pallesen as Mathiesen and Tommy's corresponding character Fru Kristoff, he achieved legendary comedy status in the 80s. Just as people thought he was coming to the end of his career, he re-emerged as the fantastic Anton in Fukssvansen (2001), the nosy and very selfish neighbour.



Maria Le' Berg

Singer, Speaker

Maria Lé Berg is a professional singer who has performed with orchestras like Patchanka and most recently her own band M.E.T.A in various countries such as France, the Netherlands, Germany, USA, and recently China. She will be returning to China in September 2017 to play 23 concerts throughout the country with her band M.E.T.A consisting of Andreas Bjerring and herself. Maria is a ‘Wild Child’ and has always found her own way in life. With a father who is a Muslim and a mother who is a Jehovas Witness, Maria grew up with the big questions of life and in a reality few can relate to. These opposites of essential influences forced Maria to make her own assumptions of things at a very young age.

The singer Maria Lé Berg grew up with a Jehovas Witness mother and a Muslim father. Because the two got divorced before Maria was even born, her mother gained custody and therefore Maria grew up as a Jehovas Witness. As far back as Maria remembers, singing has been her calling. She was singing before she was speaking. She knew that this was what she was born to do… But becoming a rock star wasn’t really looked well upon in Jehovas Witnesses, and Maria left the religion to pursue her dreams when she was 16. The world is a scary place for a teenager who has been growing up in a bubble. Reality hit her – society hit her, and she realized that her journey towards the stars was not going to be easy…




Heidi Olesen


At Transformation Festival Heidi Olesen is giving a workshop about how to get where you really want to be through and closer to who you really are, through acceptance of the shadows what you normally tuck away. You will get knowledge about what personal shadows actually are and how they can affect human behaviour. Heidi uses examples from her own life and valuable experience with shadow work. You will experience a warm and generous workshop, where the phrase: "I'm afraid to live" will be the key for a deep and personal investigation. You get concrete tools for transforming practices at instant use.




Ulla Sandbæk


Ulla Sandbaek is a congress member representing the Alternative party and the rapporteur for development cooperation. A year ago, the UN adopted 17 world goals. Objectives to be implemented both by developing countries and the industrialized world. The goals include all the precautions we need to take to deliver a habitable land to our descendants. 


At Transformation Festival Ulla will present some of the 17 UN  world goals which all require a throughout change of human consciousness to be implemented.




Fatima Osborne


Fatima Osborne is storyteller, lecturer and writer. She was born in Somalia and lived the first 9 years of her life as a nomad in the desert.


Fatima is going to have a dialogue of love and transformation with four amazing men of African descent who have all mastered the art of their passion and are known all over the world."




Danny Elmo

Singer, lecture

Danni Elmo Songwriter, lecturer and festival director are just some of the things to mention when Danni Elmo is called. The 31 year old singer is definitely not quiet and when he is not in the studio or to tour with his band, he mostly uses his time to organize his own festival "Ølejren Musikfestival", debuted July 15, 2017 and already had the first year 4000 guests and 14 bands throughout the day. Danni is also lecturer and serves as ambassador for "Children's Conditions" and "ADHD Association", where he travels throughout the country and tells his story (the musical lecture "Success in Chaos") about life as a child in reverse and how he managed, as a young man, with stubbornness and the will to create his own happiness, has driven his life to success. Danni writes Danish songs that originate from the school of life, where he has fought with abuse, had periods of homelessness and went in and out of psychiatry. All with great honesty and presence. Danni manages to draw his audience on a journey through the adventurous universe, featuring both life-assisting anecdotes and gripping texts.




Feeling the buffalo


Sharing the transformation of becoming a Sundancer.

Merete and Morten are both Sundancers at the Blackfoot reserve - Path of the Buffalo Sundance. No, they are not Indians but do respect the family and the teachings shared from elders. Grateful being able to walk this path and sharing common warrior roots and bringing back old traditions and ceremonies is awakening our own Viking path, roots and natural power.

Everybody is born with an open heart but not all was supported to keep it that way. The purpose of an open heart is to be happy and have a happy life. Everybody is different as humans and our history and therefore we have individual steps to go through loving, connecting and forgiving our self. We all have different belief systems and yet still so much in common.

A circle can only have one centre but it can have numerous radii. The centre can be compared to god and the radii to religions – no one can claim of it. He who works for it, gets it. Finding your home and a loving and sharing family will open your heart.

Merete and Morten do workshop both supporting the sundance and following our own Nordic roots and please let’s come together and share.




Robert Brashear


Robert Brashear is a pastor and singer-songwriter who is interested in exploring the intersections of beauty and justice, ethics and esthetics. In New York City, he founded the Center at West Park, a center for the transformation of the individual and society through arts and culture, social change, intergenerational education and spiritual exploration. He has worked in peace activism in Central America and Israel-Palestine, urban consultation in Mexico and this fall will be consulting  in Argentina and Uruguay. With the Center, Robert was excited to host the first New York performances of Girl of Diamond Mountain  and has continued to work on its development  and the evolution of the emerging Transformation Festival. 


For the last three years, Robert has returned to the world of music as a singer-songwriter. He performs both as a solo artist and with his 'Home (Away) Band" which has been described as a "floating collective of musicians." He has performed from Berlin to Dublin, Portland to Pittsburgh, Louisville to Asheville and both coasts of Florida. With Luba Dvorak, he produced a tribute album to the "most unique and obscure" New York singer-songwriter RL Haney. As a musician, Robert has had the opportunity to collaborate and perform with the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards of Pontedara, Italy and

neo-Dadaist artist Heide Hatry's "Icons in Ash" project as well as with Carman Moore.


He is currently working on a project on "Creation and Resistance" on the role of the artist in the crises facing us now. He believes that creative acts put us in partnership with the Creator in the ongoing work of creation and are by their nature acts of resistance.




The Inclusion Center

Søren Kjær Jensen, Director

Helle Rabøl Hansen, Scientist


Cyber bullying does not reside within technology. It appears through the relationships that develop around and within technology based human communication and connection. Nevertheless, smartphones and youth are equally demonised. Bullying and cyber bullying is a form of social drug. You get high from excitement, aroused by the performed audacity and the situational “WE” that is the driving force and inherent benefit in bullying.


We show our film “Will you read the text, please?” and talk about what it takes to make ordinary people neglect their empathy and ethics to instead perform brutal exclusion. These actions have existed in society for a very long time. Now the forces and actions of misplaced empathy have become drivers within Social Media.




Nanna Mallan


Nanna Mallan is an artist from Copenhagen. She works with many

different materials. At Transformation Festival 

Nanna presents an exhibition that she calls 





Malene Andreasen



What the heart knows

to become a whole person. 

In this performance Malene Andreasen tells the story of how she made her way to become a human being, that feels whole and herself.


Malene speaks out:

"I made the decision to change my life, and make up with the feeling of being ashamed of myself. It has not been an easy process, there was so many things about my gender, that most people take for granted, but that I had to change. So many things that needs to be done. It provokes shame and doubt, and thus an actual lack of self-esteem and not having the same fundament as most people, I had to reverse every corner of myself. And then I had to accept and love the woman I am. It is a huge process that requires a lot of courage."






Mai Young Øvlisen's artist name Meejah refers to the art of romanticism, as the mediator of divine inspiration. Mai is Danish with Asian origin and adopted from South Korea. Meejah is an alternative form of writing the word 'media' and unconsciously, it is also a Korean maiden name. 


At Transformation Festival Mai will perform with a cyclical musical performance around the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Renewal, flowering, decay and death, located in every corner of the Korean flag. The flag's basic color white represents cleansing with ying and yang - the unification of all contradictions - the masculine and feminine, located centrally in the middle. Form shift in an organic moving movement. Balancing. Followers in black dogs, reunion of wild nature, swarming swans, reunion, lightnings and fairy-queens in the dark can be found in Meejah's narration universe.