The people who Give priceless Advice 


Trevor Davies is a trained city planner and has managed / curated  many international arts festivals and major cultural projects in Denmark over the past 30 years.

Trevor provides advice concerning profile, cultural development and  artistic communication.

The Art of Transformation addresses the core quality of art as an amazingly effective way to open our  minds and hearts, something many people have said and experienced, but  no-one previously has taken the step to openly engage with this in such a professional way.”.


Christian Have has one of Denmark's most significant voices in the public debate surrounding arts and culture.. Over three decades, Have Communications has grown to be Scandinavia's biggest communications agency within the cultural field. 

Along the way he has worked with a plethora of people – from upcoming artists to global super stars – and released a wide array of books about culture and communication.

Christian provides advise for the overall benefit of 

The Art Of Transformation.


Andrea Vagn Jensen- Actress, performer&more.  

Transformation is a key word in our times. Stress, anxiety, existential loneliness is killing souls in our rich western world, more than ever. And it’s everywhere, among the successful and the “losers”. All transformation is challenging, but it is also a necessity. Where do we go and why? How do we prevent all inspiration and ability to exist as complex beings to drown in growing demands of commercial hyper effectivity? The only answer I have is TRANSFORMATION. Not easy, but necessary"

Kristen Bjørnkjær.jpg

Kristen Bjørnkjær is a well know poet and author. Worked for Danish newspaper Information for many years as cultural editor, chronic/debate actor, chief writer and deputy editor-in-chief.


Kristen provides advice concerning literature, partners, participants and trends. 


"The Art Of Transformation is a qualified attempt to unite an unusual engagement in interpersonal relationships with an artistic expression".




Michael Metz Mørch, Secretary General, Danish Cultural Institute. Holds a long career within diplomacy and business, among others as Ambassador of Denmark to Latvia and to Poland, Consul General in New York, Former Managing Director in SAS, TV2 Commercials and Bikuben Foundation. Member of the Boards in many Danish cultural institutions.


Michael provides advice concerning international partners and network, and possible funding.




MOUSSA Portrait_ by Jacob crawfurd.jpg

Moussa DialloDanish-African bassist, singer, composer, storyteller and initiator. With the film "The Man and the Music," Moussa shared his own story of how a painful conflict with his father took him on an upbringing journey towards forgiveness and reconciliation. Moussa provides advice and relevant context in the choice of artists and performances, as well as networks in international music environment. Moussa performs at Art Of Transformation events and processes.




"I support The Art of Transformation because it is about listening, supporting and respecting each other without discrimination against gender, political and religious beliefsIt's about making room for love, that's what The Art of Transformation points to.There is transformation right there, at that very moment.Without love, any attempt to change ourselves, or our society has no meaning"

Karen Nørskov has worked over the last 20 years on developing new roads within integration area in DK. She is the banner leader for a paradigm shift in "integration", for the purpose of dialogue and equal meetings. Karen is the project manager and initiator of projects with dialogic integration, and work as the leader of the cross-ethnic forum theatre group D-factor.

"I love being a part of the Transformation Festival. Not only because we, as individuals, need to transform our own pain, but also the pain that lies in the collective field - a pain that has been recreating itself in unfinished spaces for millennia. I find it SO important to take action in the creation of a greater awareness for humanity. Especially in these times, where we actually do know, that a change of behavior is necessary in order to survive.


Søren Rud deals with photography. Both as a photographer and as an exhibition organizer - primarily with the subjects of nature, climate, environment and sustainability. Within his company Life Exhibitions which he created with his working partner Stine Trier Norden, he has, among other things, arranged outdoor exhibitions in more than 30 cities, and in 11 countries within Europe, as "Seen From the Sky", "100 places to remember before they disappear", "Copenhagen Green" and "Habitat Aarhus". In March, their coffee table book will be published on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals - The World Goals. The book is called "2030 NOW"

"I find The Art of Transformation a very important project, as it works for the same goals as my own projects - to make our world a better place through a higher human consciousness. Art comes in so many forms, just like human beings. Our planet and human nature are one big creative force. We must act as if it is one. Because we are. And art is the perfect tool to make us realise it"  

Hans Ottosen is a business executive who has developed and grown numerous international businesses. Since 2011, Hans owns and builds a medium sized international business within the field of maritime safety and performance.


Hans provides advice concerning branding, international marketing communication, strategy and finance.

“I am honoured to be able to contribute to The Art of Transformation and to support the artistic work”.

Bill Harrar is an Earth Scientist with over 30 years of technical and business development experience working on energy and water resources projects. Currently, he is a partner in a company that specializes in the development of geothermal resources for supplying hot water for district heating.  

"I am attracted to The Art of Transformation project due to the creative ability for people to change, overcome hardships in their lives and make something positive out of it. As a scientist I find it extremely interesting and valuable to collaborate with artists and their often very different approach to a problem and the way of transforming it into a useful outcome".