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THE ART OF TRANSFORMATION / TRANSFORMATION FESTIVALS is an organized gathering of one or more days bringing together and audience and artists of all kind to focus on transformational powers gained through sharing and art to testify human spirit’s ability to heal.

The purpose is to create a diverse platform where art as a creative tool and process allows for people's encounter and experience of one's own and others' transformation. A space is created in which art is challenging the sharing of human stories that focus on the journey from a difficult - to a better life.

Created by Danish actress & vocalist /singer Lotte Arnsbjerg and American composer Carman Moore, the first Festival took place in Copenhagen, Denmark in June (of )2016.


Carman and Lotte’s multi-media performance GIRL OF DIAMOND MOUNTAIN about surviving sexual abuse was the catalyst for the initiative.  

Transformation Festival invites everyone who wants to share the power of transformation from being a victim to reunite with the inherent healing ability of the human body and spirit.





Led by the arts, elicits real-life testimonies in forms of personal accounts through music, theatre, poetry, readings, film, video, exhibition, installation, dance, painting, sculpture and workshops. The art will present itself in many formats and from many different cultural backgrounds, from any number of cultures and origins and all of world class high quality.


As Einstein tells us: Energy can not be deleted - but it can transform.

This evidence-based theory is the fundament / staring point for  of Transformation Festival.  

We have a perspective of life which is holistic but we have a number of values which are key to our approach ;  pay life, earth, world, and people as a unity.



Through artistic means, guidance, dialogue and staging, The Art of Transformation delivers public events, process-based productions and other artistic activities for social change.

The goal is development of people, culture and society through awareness and liberation from painful circumstances or difficult life challenges. The ressource is human diversity with art as the provocateur, helper and expression.


A few months before festivals settlement 10 chosen artists will work with groups of 10 participants. Candidates for these processes are recruited through "Open Calls" in municipalities, corporate business and education platforms in the countries involved. 

The result of some of these groups will be chosen to be part of the festival's program.



At Transformation Festivals the leading tool is the power of the arts.  

Because through art we can come aware of our feelings and who we really are. 

Art is the voice of transformation.


Art, in fact, does not judge, and it does not step back or hide it self. 

It simply expresses and shows, and therefor it seeks the truth and the present.


With art as the host we invite other crafts to join us creating a communal experience/ community that believes in compassion and care for people and our world and planet. 

As we work interdisciplinary, presentations at Transformation Festivals might therefore be artistic performances and art works, as well as survivor testimonials and scientific studies or lecture, all however addressing issues such as suppressed and blocked energy & memory and all offering perspectives of transformation, regaining one’s authentic self and moving forward.


Seen in a broader perspective, we still strive for a utopian vision of a world where the sciences, the arts and spirituality can connect to create a peaceful, caring and sustainable global condition which can strengthen the human consciousness.  


Our ambition is to set up Transformation Festivals, offered in cities around the world, and we are already experiencing a huge interest, and indeed we see this invited to. as a living testament that healing and transformation can occur when people are enter the field of open, compassionate and take the time to listen to one another.



Problems can not be solved by the same energy as they carrie. 

Past pain not be released through pain. In search of the good life, pain and victimhood must be left behind.  



We cultivate forgiveness as a tool of freedom. Not to accept and neglect the consequences of a bad action or painful experience - but to return the freedom and individual ressource that was intact before the painful experience took place. 





We experience that all living is connected and thus when we ignore the suffering of other people, we create and maintain suffering in ourselves.



We realise that not taking loving care of our planet, is not respecting our own true needs. We see the destruction of earth as a mirror of human kind not appreciating its own kind.  ​